Getting Started …

27 Jan


It’s always been my dream to have a blog account just because I thought having one would make me look “badass”. Kidding aside. I just thought that it would be pretty cool if I had this compiled stuffs on the cyber world since I always misplaced my works somewhere else (threw it on the trash because of its ragged and dirty tissue look, and yes it was a tissue).

Well, the main reason was … I’m just bored. With all the paper works, council stuffs, and thesis, yes I’m kinda bored. I’m planning to make this account since the semester’s break last November but I dunno what happened. I just finished my TV News Package Script and waiting for hours for my Prof’s comment on it. (Keeping my fingers-crossed)

Looking forward for more interesting and worth-the-time-to-waste blogs! Quite enjoying this sh*t already. Tata ♥

Cheavy xoxo